The Risk of Wearing Contact Lenses in the Middle of Corona Pandemic

For some employees, wearing contact lenses is more comfortable than wearing glasses. Yes, by using contact lenses, you don't need to bother cleaning glasses or complaining of dewy glasses due to being in a cold place. Meanwhile, by using contact lenses, you only need to stick it to the eye, so it feels more practical.
Even so, in the midst of a corona virus pandemic like this, many experts recommend that you switch to using glasses instead. I wonder why?
Reported by the Cleveland Clinic, Ophthalmologist, Doctor Craig See, explained that the corona virus can enter the body through the eyes, nose and mouth. So, in theory, if your hands are contaminated or exposed to a virus and then touch your eyes, then you could be infected.
"Because people who wear contact lenses tend to touch their eyes more often, that's where the problem is," he said.
Therefore, in a pandemic like this, it is highly recommended to pay more attention to cleanliness. One of the most important is diligently washing your hands using soap and running water.
If your condition requires you to use contact lenses, Doctor Craig See reminds you to always wash and dry your hands before using and when removing contact lenses. Do not forget to also regularly change contact lenses in accordance with the time constraints listed on the packaging, and store them properly.
"Good hygiene and proper use of contact lenses are very important at this time," he wrote on the page.

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