How to Maintainance the Cleanliness of Your Clinic When Pandemic COVID-19

In just a few weeks, the appearance of COVID-19 has had a huge impact on our lives. Because of this fast-spreading virus, social life is much affected. The Centers for Disease Prevention & Control or better known as the CDC recommends stopping every event that gathers more than 50 people.
Here we provide some tips for maintaining clinical hygiene during this pandemic:

Cleanup Directive Based on the CDC

While it may be difficult to control the spread of this virus, there are facts that prove that good cleaning and disinfection routines can reduce or eliminate the virus in various objects in our place. CDC itself presents detailed instructions on how you can clean and disinfect a room. Before doing so, you can do the following:

Always clean yourself before starting to disinfect the room. Cleaning the room with a mixture of water, detergent or soap can remove particles that can carry viruses on various surfaces. This can help the disinfectant be more effective in killing and preventing the entry of the virus.
1.Use disposable gloves, special clothes and masks to clean and disinfect the room. Gently use these attributes and dispose of them immediately after disinfection and cleaning.
a.If you use disinfectant wipes, remember that you must clean one item at a time and immediately dispose of it. Use enough tissue and make sure the surface of the item you clean stays wet for about 4 minutes.
b. Remember not to mix several products together.
c. Clean the surface of objects that are often touched and are in public areas such as tables, chairs, door handles, light switches, telephones, and so on.
d. Clean and disinfect electronic equipment that is used together.
2. Increase the availability of disinfectant wipes or liquid, hand sanitizers, and make sure that employees have the equipment. Quality scentless lotions can be placed in the office area to make everyone keep their hands clean.
3. Continue procedures to improve cleanliness and disinfection in the office to reduce the spread of bacteria and viruses in the workspace.
4.When possible, rely on facilities that reduce touch, such as push doors, motion sensor lights, and other hands-free facilities that reduce germs in areas with high traffic.
5. If flexible seating is an option in your office and people can share a table, ask everyone to clean the equipment, workstations, and surfaces of surrounding objects as soon as they leave or move to a different place.
By using some of the guidelines above, we hope you can always help your employees to maintain hygiene and health in the practice room.
If your clinic is large enough and difficult to clean and disinfect deeply or you don't have more time to clean it regularly, don't worry.
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