5 Best Topcon for Ophthalmologist

As a reputable ophthalmologist, you should support your services with the best technology. Topcon is one of the brands that are ready to provide ophthalmologists with high-tech devices. Check the 5 best Topcon for ophthalmologist below to serve your patients better. It is not only your patients who are happy with the treatments but also you as the owner of the ophthalmologic center.

About Topcon Corporation in Healthcare Industry 

It is great to know more about Topcon and the things they do in the optical industry. As a result, you know why ophthalmologists or ophthalmologic centers must use their devices to support their activities.

Topcon Corporation is a leading manufacturer in healthcare, agriculture, and infrastructure. In the healthcare industry, this company focuses on producing and developing functional and sophisticated optical devices to help ophthalmologists.

The goal of the company is to ensure that ophthalmologists can detect and treat vision diseases accurately. The more accurate the diagnosis, the higher the chance to get the best treatments. So far, this company launches a variety of devices, including advanced eye imaging devices, vision diagnostic solution technology, and intelligent data technology.

Indeed, Topcon has enough experience to produce and develop optical products. This company understands the types of optical technologies ophthalmologists need to serve their patients. The 5 best devices for ophthalmologists below will show the role of this company in societies around the world.

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5 Best Topcon Ophthalmologists Should Consider

Topcon KR-1 Automatic Kerato-Refractometer 

The reason why advanced ophthalmologists use Topcon KR-1 kerato-refractometer is because of the automatization system. They only have to hit the buttons on the device to set it based on the intended treatments.

The touchscreen technology is also great in making this refractometer simple. Indeed, the diagnosis has to be accurate and clear after the treatment. You can give an accurate and clear diagnosis because of the 8.5 widescreen.

Due to the screen size, the images are clear, bright, and sharp enough to see. You can even show the result to others by only rotating the monitor up to 360 degrees. All you have to do to operate the device is by touching the center of the pupil on the LCD screen.

Now, you can measure both eyes of your patients. The features in KR-1 Kerato Refractometer help to automatically detect abnormal conditions in the right and left eyes and record the data. Best of all, ophthalmologists can detect cataracts and other eye issues immediately.

This refractometer is flexible and you can place it anywhere in the room even in a relatively small room. The rotation system works well to manage the position of the device before and during the diagnosis.

Imagine that this device can measure a small pupil even if it is only ǿ2mm. Best of all, it doesn’t hurt the eyes of your patient at all. The measurement process is comfortable and fast enough.



– This device has features for peripheral KRT measurements. It is critical for a corneal evaluation of patients who want to get the right contact lens.

– It has an ergonomic design for the comfort of the patient. This device perfectly holds the patient’s head and chin. At the same time, it is also easy for the operator to interact with their patients.

– This device is compatible with other Topcon devices, such as the CV-5000 phoropter series.


Topcon TRC-NW200 Fundus Camera 

Topcon TRC-NW200 Fundus Camera is perfect for ophthalmologists who want to get accurate retinal pathology data. Topcon installs sophisticated technology in this device, such as imaging software.

Because of this software, you can get color imaging results to make a clear and accurate diagnosis. Imagine that you are about to get a 3.1-megapixel image by using this device. The camera is outstanding since it has an Auto Exposure feature.

The function of this feature is to adjust the exposure to get vivid, sharp, and clear images. Plus, it works to examine patients with smaller and asymmetric pupils, such as elderly patients with a 3.7 mm pupil.

Indeed, Topcon also cares about the comfort of the users. Because of that, they add a lower flash intensity feature. This feature is pleasant for the patients while taking imaging procedures. The system also allows ophthalmologists to observe wider retinal areas.


Patients can directly see the results while discussing them with the ophthalmologist. It is because this device serves the images in a thumbnail display. In the end, patients understand their vision condition through the images they see.

The operators can also transfer the images to other media, including a Compact Flash card. Indeed, the way to do it is so easy. You only have to select the images on the thumbnail display. Then, use the transfer button to move the selected images to another device.


– You can’t only see the images from the TRC-NW200 Fundus Camera but also other devices, such as a compact flash card, a PC, and a variety of software products.

– The sophisticated software in this device works effectively to get clearer and sharper images for a more accurate evaluation.


Topcon KR-8900 Autorefractor Keratometer  

KR-8900 Autorefractor Keratometer is also one of the 5 best Topcon for ophthalmologist. The latest technology in this device gives a more accurate result. For example, it has regular rotary prism technology and an advanced printer.

The technology will help you to observe your patients better than before. The most important thing is that your patients can also see the result. As a result, they understand their vision condition and the treatments they should do next. This device is perfect for observing a patient who has to get the best glasses prescription.


– The observation result is more accurate because of the advanced Rotary Prism.

– This device works well to observe small pupils up to 2mm. It means that ophthalmologists can make the right refractive and keratometry measurements.

– The screen with a color LCD allows the ophthalmologists and patients to see and read the images.

– It is compatible with other Topcon devices and instruments.


Topcon TRC-NW400 Non-Mydriatic Retinal Camera 

Topcon is coming back with its fourth generation of a Fundus camera, TRC-NW400. The difference between this product and the previous Fundus cameras is the revolutionary control screen and touchscreen operation system.

The design also allows the operators to sit or stand oppositely, next to or behind their patients. Indeed, the operators can easily access the images for more accurate and better observation. You will be surprised by the image from this retinal camera.

Imagine that the image is sharper than other fundus cameras. Thanks to the diopter compensation lenses and the auto-exposure feature that provide you with an outstanding image. You can even make a stereo photo by using this fundus camera.

Due to the features and the ability of this device, TRC-NW400 is accurate enough to observe patients with strong hypermetropia or myopia up to +40 to -33 diopters. Ophthalmologists should use this device if they want to make iris and cornea images.

The three fixations are also another interesting part of this device. Because of that, you are about to get rectal or central and rectal images at the same time. Topcon designs this product with automatic and manual operating systems. Sharing and transferring the images is also possible to do and it is simple.


– This device helps to make a more complicated eye examination, including diabetic retinopathy screening.

– Despite the sophisticated features, this camera is easy to manage and convenient to use.

– Operators and patients can get a sharp and non-mydriatic image only in a few minutes.

– The manufacturer offers a great deal.


Topcon OM-4 Ophthalmometer-Keratometer 

The last Topcon best product in this list is the OM-4 Ophthalmometer. Just like other products above, this OM-4 ophthalmometer is also easy to use and compact. Because of that, ophthalmologists will get a more precise corneal measurement.

The manufacturer also designs this device with buttons. The function of the buttons is to deal with swamp images. As a result, you get the right measurement position and accurate observation results. This device will support ophthalmologists to diagnose their patients who need to wear the right contact lenses.

The problem with using traditional ophthalmometry is the measuring time. It takes so long to get the results. Topcon realizes this issue and develops the OM-4 ophthalmometer version. The sophisticated feature will make the measuring time faster. Indeed, you get the result immediately. The exact dimension of this product is 560mm x 580mm x 460mm, along with 16 kg of weight.


– The technology in this device shortens the measuring time. It means that patients can get the results immediately.

– It is accurate enough to diagnose perfect contact lenses.

– The features help operators to get clearer, sharper, and brighter images of the eyes for an accurate measurement.

Tips to Get the Right Ophthalmology Devices 

Getting the right ophthalmology devices is challenging. You are about to see a variety of devices out there with similar features and benefits. It will be hard to choose the best one, especially if it is your first time buying an ophthalmology device. The tips below will help you to get the ophthalmology device you are looking for.

Check the Specifications 

The first thing to do is check the specifications of the device. Ensure that the specifications of the device meet your needs. For example, you are about to help patients with a smaller pupil. It means that the device should have a feature that covers this need.

A specific product, such as Topcon TRC-NW200 Fundus Camera or Topcon KR-1 Automatic Kerato-Refractometer will handle your problem. As a result, you can serve patients with specific needs, including those with small pupil sizes.

Check the Brand 

Indeed, you should also check the brand of the product. The products should be coming from a trusted brand. A trusted brand means that it has enough experience in producing and developing ophthalmology devices.

It would be great if the manufacturer launched several devices in the market. Check also its reputation. Topcon is one of the recommended brands for ophthalmology devices. The manufacturer is experienced enough for years to produce ophthalmology products. Plus, this company can survive until today. It means that the market accepts the products and uses them well.

Read Ophthalmology Device Reviews

Reading ophthalmology device reviews is also critical. It helps to differentiate between a recommended product and not. You will also get an overview of the product before buying and using it. The reviews also help you to get the critical information you may want to know or your need about the product.

The Importance of Using the Latest Ophthalmologic Devices 

Ophthalmologic centers must ensure that their patients get an accurate diagnosis of their vision condition. An accurate diagnosis helps patients to get the best medical treatments for their vision issues.

Ophthalmologists can only get precise observation results by using the latest ophthalmology devices. The latest devices are supported by revolutionary features that previous devices don’t have. Topcon understands the importance of using the latest ophthalmology devices.

Because of that, this company produces and provides a variety of ophthalmology devices for ophthalmologists and ophthalmology centers. The mission is to support them to serve their patients better by offering a comfortable measurement process and accurate observations.

A Recommended Place to Get Original Topcon Ophthalmology Devices 

Nowadays, looking for Topcon ophthalmology devices is easy to do. You can search for it online. The problem is that you can’t guarantee whether you get the original products or not. All you have to do is look for the devices in the right place.

Yaelophthalmic is one of the recommended places to get original optical devices, including original ophthalmology devices by Topcon. The 5 best Topcon ophthalmology devices above are also available on this website.

Visit yaelophthalmic.com to get the complete details of each product. You can also see the images of the products. It ensures whether you have to buy and use the device or not. Then, order the devices you want to add to your ophthalmology center.

Soon, you can serve your patients better than before. Your patients can also feel the difference before and after using Topcon technology. Indeed, you are also satisfied with the result.

So, improve the performance of your ophthalmology center with the latest technology and device. One of them is by using the 5 best Topcon for ophthalmologist above. This improvement will play a significant role in your business.


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